At the exhibition 2015(2) / Cosmetec Japan, your manufacturer of Cosmetic OEM and Original OEM cosmetic product

At the exhibition 2

We participated in “CITE(COSMETIC INGREDIENTS & TECHNOLOGY) JAPAN 2015”as a exhibitor from Jun 3, Jun 5, 2015, .
Thank you so much for visiting us and we were able to end the exhibition successfully.
We are grateful for all your supports. We are looking forward to working with you in the future.

At the exhibition

We would like to present a brief description of “AGELESS LABORATORY”, the booth shows the 4 concepts of products which specialize in antiaging and have strong sales points such as “brand story” or “high-impact effect”.

New original cosmetics, which is “The new Vitamin C” ” The new Placenta “” The new capsule” “The new lifting base”, with concepts and design are made from novelty ingredients and effective formulas.

At the exhibition

OEM/ODM Cosmetec Japan not only provides you products but proposes ideas with added values and originality.

If you are interesting in anything, please feel free to contact us.

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