Greetings from our President / Cosmetec Japan, your manufacturer of Cosmetic OEM and Original OEM cosmetic product

Greetings from our President

Representative Director and President Fujimoto Kensuke

The origin of Cosmetic Japan can be traced back to 1885 and the root begin with the foundation of a long standing company, Momotani Juntenkan which is the pioneer of Japanese modern cosmetics. Since opening a research center specialized for cosmetics that incorporates European medicine before anyone else in this industry in 1913, we have been leading each era by developing innovative cosmetics and delivering into the world. Our contribution to the cosmetic industry was highly evaluated that our founder won the “Medal with Green Ribbon” from the Japanese government and received an award of légion d'honneur from the French government. We have always been a great influence to the cosmetic industry.
Cosmetec Japan is a cosmetic OEM/ODM specialized maker which inherit our material and immaterial fortune supported by these history and by using our ability of research and development, manufacturing techniques efficiently, we manufacture and develop cosmetics and quasi-drug products with additional values.


In order for us to operate quickly in today’s diversifying needs, we are reinforcing the planning and marketing function in order to achieve our evolvement toward a total consulting company that provides 360 degree support regarding the cosmetic business.
Our corporate philosophy that aim for contributing to people’s happiness trough developing cosmetics has still now inherited through generations over 120 years. Having our group slogan “Think Next for Beauty” - Dreaming of the future of beauty- as our guideline of action, we truly hope to be helpful to people as “best partner” who support your cosmetic business.

“The Tale of Momotani Juntenkan”Vol. Bigansui Origin of company name

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