Most advanced facility and research environment will allow us to create new possibilities.We will always be researching one step forward.

Research & Development

Live the Time Research & Development Innovate Leading Technology.

Research center with long history never stops evolving.

Research center

Our research center was established in 1913 which is the oldest remaining research center specialized in cosmetics in Japan. Through our recent research & development strengthening project, we have been installing cutting edge equipment and facility environment in order to keep existing as innovative research center. Our research staff with high skills and passion is working on creating high-functioning cosmetics in order to provide high quality OEM/ODM cosmetics that will bring full satisfaction from your bottom of your heart.

From basic research, effect data, to manufacturing.We take care of these steps with responsibility within our institutes.

4 Company Owned Research Center

  • Formula Development『Central Research Institute 』
  • Effects『Frontier Research Institute』
  • Make up Development『Color Creative Laboratory』
  • Manufacture『Manufacturing Technology Research Institute』

Live the Time Research & Development Innovate Leading Technology.

We research and develop within our company which make us capable of developing various formulation speedy.

Because our company own rich formula data base developed through our long history, our research institution are ready to pick and choose to recommend formula and fragrance for our customers. We recommend using this system for those cases with tight scheduling for the production, can manage speedy development.

Formula Library

The tremendous amount of data that we developed through 130 years of history is our treasure. We deal with skincare, hair care, and makeup products. We are also proud to mention that there are formula that was a huge hit that it soled tens of southlands products annually. In case there are only limited time for product development, we can skip the time consuming process of improving the formula and manage submit your product in the minimum time period.

Perfume Library

We offer you with sample materials specifically for proposing fragrance, including natural and synthetic perfume selected by our specialized researcher. We can bring samples during negotiation and have you select your fragrance right at the spot. These samples are also useful when you still feel particular about your scent but don’t have the time to blend and select from the beginning.

In house certification system to encourage and strengthen capability of research and development.

Formula Master System

Formula Master is who is skilled in constructing formulation endowed with high level ability and well informed than any other people about the products that they created. Our company applied this system which certify specialist in order to provide our customers with good products. When every researcher hold responsibility and pride, they will gain soulful vision toward creating products. This system is what helps conveying techniques to the next generation.

Cosme Sommelier

Just like a sommelier does wine testing, sense even slight difference in cosmetics and provide opinions that will lead to developing products. An organization original to our company which contain group of women with this ability is Cosme Sommelier. The member who have the up-to-date information and specialized knowledge are selected regardless of their business division.

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