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History and Tradition

130 Years of History with Reliability Pioneer in the seek for beauty


Cosmetec Japan originates to the foundation of a long standing company, Momotani Juntenkan
which is the pioneer of modern Japanese cosmetics.
I want to help my wife suffering from acne. The invented toner with the love of consideration was the beginning of everything.

Picture book “The Tale of  Momotani Jyuntenkan”Vol. Bigansui The origin of corporate name
  • 1885(Meiji, 18)

    Start of over-the-counter manufacturing company incorporating Western medicine

  • 1887(Meiji, 20)

    “Acne Solution Bigansui”created for his wife who suffered from acne became a huge hit.

  • 1913(Taisyo, 2)

    Opened a researching facility specific for cosmetics which was the forerunner in the industry.

  • 1927(Showa, 2)

    Received an award of légion d'honneur from the French government for the appreciation of cultural exchange between Japan and France.

  • 1928(Showa, 3)

    Won the “Medal with Green Ribbon” and “Medal with Dark Blue Ribbon”

  • 1929(Showa, 4)

    The Cosmetic set that received the honor of being purchased by the Emperor and Empires.

  • 1993(Heisei, 5)

    Foundation of Cosmetec Japan.

  • 1996(Heisei, 8)

    Okayama Factory completed. (Factory Removal)

  • 2006(Heisei, 18)

    Central Research Institute full remodeling.

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