From proposing ideas, sales promotion, to design, we provide 360 degree full support to our customers as your consultant.

Propose & Plan

High quality OEM in creativity and developing assured by rich experience.


Cosmetec Japan not only provide you with products but we as an OEM/ODM company,
contribute to our customers by proposing ideas with added values that will satisfy you.

360 degree OEMBusiness Operation

We have supplied OEM/ODM cosmetic products to many companies from different industry and different type of operation. Different industries such as apparel, hair, and brewing industries seem like there are unconnected, however, with Cosmtec Japan’s production, the possibility of new business is endless.
By making the best out of the characteristics of individual companies in terms of technology, brand image, business style, we expand cosmetic business with high added value.

Proposal that best suits your needs

Marketing, Branding, Design, Sales Promotion, etc. We offer you the best plans according to your wishes.

Product Proposal
Sales Promotion Proposal
Design Proposal
Sales Staff Education
Business Strategy

Proposal Example Cases

Let us know what your wishes are? We will analyze the target and needs of your company and we will propose an idea for you.

  • Case1 Business scheme proposal
  • Case2Original ingredient proposal
  • Case3Production Proposal

Please feel free to contact us, Cosmetec Japan
if you are considering creating your original cosmetic products.

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