Exhibition reports

Exhibition reports

We report our previous exhibitions which receive a good reputation each time.


Feel our Creativities here !

Revealing our previous exhibitions!
Please discover our planning ability to bring cosmetic OEM business to the success.

In the topics, we report about our previous exhibitions.

At the exhibitions, there are many manufacturer companies including OEM, ingredients, containers and manufacturing equipments.

Cosmetec Japan has been created the booth which our creative team and design team put so much efforts in through trial and error.

Many people came to our booth to see our displays.

Also there are space for business meeting to discuss specific projects or general questions to manufacture original cosmetics.

Please come and see our next exhibition booth.

We will announce next exhibition information though HP.

Though exhibitions like “COSME Tech” or “CITE JAPAN”, Cosmetec Japan meet our future partner. We introduce our original formulas, original materials and concept proposals.

The booth which in-house design team and creative team created with new idea draw a lot of attention at the exhibition.

Every time, we receive positive reviews about our newest original formulas and product concepts.

We create booth design, product concept and formula, which show our creative strength as cosmetic OEM.

Also there are some original ingredients which are produced by Cosmetec Japan.

These are developed with our planning , research and development and technical strength based on 130 years history.

We focus on the innovative OEM cosmetic development.

Please see our past exhibition reports here and also we are looking forward to seeing you at feature exhibition.

Please feel free to contact us if you are interested and would like to try the formulas or need more information in any concepts or formulas which are featured in past exhibitions.

Please feel free to contact us, Cosmetec Japan
if you are considering creating your original cosmetic products.

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