Rejuvenate everytime you wash! Moisture Cleansing

Introducing you new cleansing gel with high cleansing power. The more you wash, the more anti-aging effect you feel.

Cleansing Product that brings you
Moisture & Elasticity the more you use!
Elasticirty UP
Rejuvenating Effect like Anti-Aging Essence!
also possesses ExceptionalCleansing Power
Waterproof Mascara Instant Removal
Makeup are put on the egg, then further applied with Moisture Cleansing then simply rinshed off.

High cleansing power & moisturising power - Superb Rejuvenating Cleansing Moisture Cleansing

"Makeup Removal" and "Cleansing" have always been serving as important purposes in basic skincare.

In recent year, alot of new makeup product claiming to be ""hard to remove"", as a result, the hurdle to meet "Makeup Removing" needs has gone up as well. Cosmetec Japan as an OEM manufacturer, has been devoted to the research & manufacture of unique formula that can satisfy the markets' needs.

On top, Makeup removal & Cleansing products also have their problems that needs to be solved. Conventional high cleansing power products tend to remove the essential moisture from the skin as well, eventually causig dry skin problem.

As a result, a stereotype of ""High Cleansing Power = bad for skin"" was embedded in a lot of consumers' mind. As a cosmetic manufacturer, this is a problem that we have to face.

Based on the above market background, Cosmetec Japan has directioned it's R&D toward the concept of ""High Cleansing Power & More Moisturizing as you Wash"", we proudly present you ""Moisure Cleansing"" that we've sucessfully developed."

OEM Representatives also focus! The difference of our product!

Product Comparison(Moisture)

※1 Moisture prior to the test is indicated as 1 (tested in-house) Moisture UP

Product Comparison(Elasticity)

※2 Elasticity prior to the test is indicated as 1 (tested in-house) Elasticirty UP
Our MOISTURE CLEANSING overthrows the stereotype of "High Cleansing Power = Bad for skin" - Our unique formula is developed based the concept of Rejuvenate as you cleanse, Aging Carre as you cleanse. Our formula prevents skin dryness, brings moisture and aging care effect while possessing exceptional makeup removing power. High difference, nothing like the conventional product in market, an original product that can be proudly present to our clients as an OEM manufacturer.