Message from the Representative Director
Kensuke Fujimoto
Becoming a comprehensive consulting company that responds to the diversifying world

COSMETEC JAPAN has its roots in 1885, and started as Momotani Juntenkan, one of the pioneers of modern cosmetics in Japan.
In 1913, we established Our R&D center which make cosmetics based on European medicine.
Since then, we have been working on the development by leading the way for the times.
In recognition of our contributions to the cosmetics industry, the founder was awarded the Medal with Green Ribbon by the Japanese government.
Also he was awarded the Légion d'Honneur by the French government and had a great influence on the cosmetics industry.

We have given our customers a wealth of knowledge and experience in the field of cosmetics.
Based on inherited tangible and intangible assets backed by our history, we manufacture and develop high value-added cosmetics and quasi-drugs.

In recent years, we have strengthened our planning and marketing functions in order to respond to the diversifying needs of the times. We have evolved into a comprehensive consulting company that provides 360-degree support for the cosmetics business.

With "Zero to One" as our purpose, we provide total support for our clinets' Beauty and Health business by precisly grasping our clients needs and creating values.

Global development from self-developed raw materials to planning proposals

Based on our 130 years of modern cosmetics know-how, we offer OEM products of skin care, hair care products and foundations based on skincare concepts with full custom-made products.

The name of "Cosmetec Japan" is the combination of technology and cosmetics as we wish to make our company golobal. In the spirit of the science of cosmetics, we offer self-developed raw materials. Also, we offer proosals and consulting services for each client. In addition to China and Korea, we have expanded directly into the overseas market in Southeast Asia, Europe, North America. Thanks to this know-how, we have been asked by several domestic clients to develop OEM products for overseas markets. We continue to try our best to support our customers and are looking forward to working with you in the future.

Representative Director Kensuke Fujimoto