Histoy & TraditionSince 1885, we have been developing original products with our trust and history.

A long-established cosmetic brand that has been serving customers for over 130 years.

It is the origin of COSMETEC JAPAN, a long standing brand of modern Japanese cosmetics. We are proud of our history and the trust we have built with our customers. In the future we will continue to keep up with the times and use the latest technology to create the finished cosmetic/food products that each of our customers expects.



Strategic ProposalsStrong track record, strong OEM/ODM planning and development

We support the industry in its expansion into the cosmetics and health food business.

COSMETEC JAPAN is not only an OEM/ODM company that produces and supplies finished products, but also an OEM/ODM company that provides value-added solutions and contributes to the success of its customers. To date we have assisted companies from all industries and business types to enter the cosmetics (health and beauty) industry. At first glance the cosmetic industry may not seem to be related to cosmetics, but with the guidance and assistance of COSMETEC JAPAN, new business opportunities can be found. It is also possible to take the owner's own technology, brand power, etc. and combine them with the company's own business resources to create added value in the cosmetics/foods industry.

We support the industry in its expansion into the cosmetics and health food business.
We support the industry in its expansion into the cosmetics and health food business.

Various curatorial proposals based on demand.


Effectively leverage our client's business resources to create high value-added cosmetic and supplement products and brand storytelling packaging proposals.

02Product Proposal

Original and creative product proposals based on sales channel and target audience.

Product Proposal
03Design Proposal

Our professional designers can handle everything from product packaging ideas to storefront displays and Internet advertising.

Design Proposal
04Product Promotion

Provide advice on marketing methods after commercialization, promotional performance in compliance with the Pharmaceutical Affairs law.

Product Promotion

Through market analysis, we understand the needs of consumers and make the best decision on the best proposal for the target audience.


After the completion of the product, we can assist in training the staff of the seller, explaining in detail the characteristics of the product and the effects of ingredients.

07Business Strategies

As a strategic partner, we offer advice on how to ensure the steady growth of our partners' cosmetics and health products businesses.

Business Strategies

Research & DevelopmentResearch and development that follows the trends of the times and stands at the forefront of the times.

State-of-the-art equipment and excellent personnel lead the "future" of cosmetics.

Established in 1913 as the first cosmetic research institute in Japan, we have moved to a new location in 2016 to consolidate our research and development efforts, while evolving our research facilities and the overall environment. In order to provide the highest quality OEM cosmetics that are safe and secure, we have been adhering to strict quality standards. Our highly skilled researchers are constantly striving for new knowledge and technology to keep up with the latest trends and create the "future" of cosmetics.

Perfume Toning
Perfume Toning
Development of High Quality Original Formula
Development of High Quality Original Formula

3 The Institute of Specialized Fields, a new level of beauty.

We collaborate with universities and outside research institutions to research and develop new functional materials, and we conduct research on genetic factors. In order to meet the diverse needs of our customers, we have specialized research facilities and environments, and are working daily to develop new beauty directions.

Central Research Institute
The Key to Beauty
Central Research Institute

From developing substrate to selecting perfume. Technology based on dermatology and our rich experiences, we propose formula samples and proceed the process of developing a product with our customers.

Frontier Research Institute
Datalize the Beauty
Frontier Research Institute

We measure and examine the effects on skin and provide data from a scientific basis that are useful for explaining and promoting products.

Manufacturing Technology
Research Institute
Quality Control
Manufacturing Technology Research Institute

We provide safe and secure products to our customer by making detailed adjustment in each section involved in production.

We are constantly improving our research and development efficiency in order to respond to the rapidly changing times and the speed of change. By constantly updating our state-of-the-art technology, we aim to lead the beauty and health field and create new added value that can be applied to cosmetics and Supplements OEMs.

Future Researchers

Total Support from development of original formula development to manufacture

We have our own research center and manufacturing plant, and we can quickly respond to a variety of needs from prescription development to production. We have a rich database of prescriptions accumulated over a long history, and can propose everything from prescriptions to fragrances to meet your needs, and develop OEM cosmetics as quickly as possible in line with the expected time to commercialization.

Own FactoryA production system that meets the demand and thorough hygiene and quality control are implemented.

The new style of manufacturing has won high social acclaim.

Okayama Factory was a pioneer in the industry, introducing the "Cellular Production System", a revolutionary production method that promotes improvement activities and a system that meets a wide variety of needs. The advanced production system has been highly praised in the industry and has been reported in the press and media.

Own Factory

The factory is located in a natural environment with beautiful mountains and water.

The 15,372 m2 manufacturing plant is located next to the Yoshii River, which has an abundance of water and a crystal-clear stream, and the "Iwai Waterfall" upstream of the plant has been selected by the Ministry of the Environment as one of the "Top 100 Famous Water in Japan. The most important reason for locating the factory here is the beautiful natural environment, and the fact that the most important element in supporting cosmetics is "water," which is also one of the reasons we insist on the quality of our products.

Iwai Waterfall

ISO 9001 and ISO 22716 certified. Thorough quality control is implemented to guarantee reliable quality.

Reliable quality is indispensable for our products to be loved beyond time. In 2000, we obtained ISO9001*1 certification, the international standard for quality management systems, and in 2021, ISO22716*2 certification, the international standard for manufacturing and quality control of cosmetics. We have established a world-class quality control system by conducting strict inspections from receiving raw materials to manufacturing and shipping products. Our commitment to thorough quality and the high quality of our products have been highly evaluated by customers in Japan and overseas.

※1 International standard for quality assurance by the International Organization for Standardization.
※2 International standards for manufacturing and quality control of cosmetics.

Thorough quality management

Close cooperation with the research department creates efficiency through tacit understanding.

In order to ensure a certain level of manufacturing quality, new prescriptions developed by the Central Research Laboratory are tested in the field, and the information from the manufacturing method to technical feedback is shared between the Research Headquarters and the factory. Our ultimate goal is efficient and error-free production, and to create a "manufacturing" process that combines quality and efficiency.

High quality and high efficiency

International SupportAssist in business market expansion and play an advisory role to provide full support.

We will make various proposals according to your request.

01To network overseas business and expand the global market.

Are you trying to expand your business overseas, but are faced with the complexities of export procedures, various national laws and regulations and the choice of ingredients? In addition to manufacturing high quality cosmetic products (health food products) made in Japan, we also have a wealth of experience in overseas trade. We comply with the policies of the various countries abroad, issue the appropriate prescriptions and assist with the complexities of export applications. (including China filing applications)

To network overseas business and expand the global market.
02Our international staff are responsible for the OEM of cosmetic / health food products.

When developing an international business, it is important to communicate correctly and to build a relationship of trust. COSMETEC JAPAN has a multinational staff that speaks both Chinese and English, so you can communicate with us without any barriers, whether you are in Japan or overseas. We are also available to assist domestic Japanese companies that wish to expand into the overseas OEM cosmetics market.

To network overseas business and expand the global market.
03Alibaba Supplier Award

COSMETEC JAPAN is recognized by Alibaba as a cosmetic OEM. The Alibaba Supplier Award is based on Alibaba's comprehensive evaluation of three criteria (a company's attitude toward developing overseas markets, the actual operation of Alibaba, and the actual results of winning orders), and strictly selects excellent companies for recognition.

Alibaba Supplier Award