What is OEM / ODM? Total support from product planning proposals to delivery

OEM is an abbreviation for "original equipment manufacturer" It means manufacturing on behalf of a manufacturer who does not have a factory. On the other hand, ODM is an abbreviation for "Original Design Manufacturing". Utilizing the know-how as a cosmetics manufacturing professional in addition to the OEM flow of making and delivering things. A manufacturer that provides total support from planning proposals to prescription development, manufacturing, and production. Although it is extreme, if you outsource to a company with an ODM function, we will make a proposal from "planning of products that sell".You can sell your products as a brand without any technology or know-how.

Advantages of OEM/ODM
The advantage of outsourcing to an OEM/ODM manufacturer is that even if you do not have the knowledge or experience to develop or manufacture your own cosmetics or health food products, the OEM/ODM manufacturer can be flexible and responsive to your needs. In addition, for those who are less able to market their products, an OEM/ODM manufacturer who has the expertise to support you from the planning stage through to sales and marketing, will be able to offer you peace of mind when expanding into new areas such as cosmetics (Supplements).
Key points when outsourcing to OEM/ODM manufacturers

The environmental sanitation and quality control system of the manufacturing plant

where the products are manufactured is very important. It is also important to confirm in advance which items can be consigned for manufacturing. You can also search "Acceptable Items" of each manufacturer's HP.

Are you developing an integrated system?

We provide total support from planning to research and development, compliance with regulations, manufacturing, filling and packaging, and overseas export support, and confirm that after-sales follow-up such as sales promotion proposals and additional proposals are firmly performed even after product launch. .. It is important to be an OEM / ODM manufacturer that you can rely on as a strategic partner even after delivery.

Do you have a track record as an OEM of cosmetics and supplements?

We have a lot of achievements, knowledge and technology for development and manufacturing, and accumulated know-how, and it is important to be able to receive proposals according to your wishes.
Cosmetec Japan will cover these points and cooperate with your dreams as a "strategic partner"who strives to meet your needs.

Cosmetec Japan provides consulting OEM and ODM services We provide comprehensive support from planning advice to formulation development, manufacturing and production.

As an OEM / ODM manufacturer, Cosmetec Japan will propose from the planning stage. How to reach end users in the highly competitive cosmetics and health food industry It is the greatest joy and nomination for the creators to think through together.

Consulting OEM and ODM services that Cosmetec Japan can implement

The following are frequently asked questions in our consulting services

  • We have decided to develop cosmetics for a new business, but we don't know where to start.
  • We want to develop cosmetics that take advantage of our company's features and strengths.
  • We want to create cosmetics with originality and differentiation from other companies.
  • We want to renew existing items and create attractive promotions.
  • We want consistent support from planning to sales promotion proposals.

COSMETEC JAPAN will solve it!

360-degree support

360-degree support

OEM Cosmetics Development Flow

  • Business Discussion

    STEP01Business Discussion

    To understand the product concept, target customers, sales channels, budget, expected launch date, etc.,

  • Planning, Proposal

    STEP02Planning, Proposal

    After listening to your company's product concept, sales channels and target audience, we will analyze your market and target audience and create an original branded product plan.

  • Research & Development, Trial Production

    STEP03Research & Development,
    Trial Production

    Using the knowledge we have acquired since our founding in 1885, we strive to meet the needs of our customers by formulating the best cosmetic (health food) products and ingredients to meet their needs.

  • Presription Testing

    STEP04Presription Testing

    Tests for safety, stability and container compatibility of prescriptions.

  • Package and Label design proposal

    STEP05Package and Label
    design proposal

    Based on budget, production quantity, container compatibility, we select the most appropriate package and design .

  • Specification and Quote

    STEP06Specification and Quote

    After deciding on the cosmetics packaging and other styles, we will present you the final quotation.

  • Pharmaceutical applications

    STEP07Pharmaceutical applications

    The application is made in accordance with the Pharmaceutical Affairs Law

  • Manufacture


    Our manufacturing plants are located in areas rich in natural resources, and quality control is strictly enforced to ensure the quality and safety of our cosmetics (Supplements).

  • Follow Up

    STEP09Follow Up

    Responding to repurchase orders, proposing product promotions, and product upgrades, etc., Following up on many aspects after shipment.

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