Melting Oil! Advanced All-in-One Gel
For those who has never been satisfied with All-in-One product.
"New Advanced All-in-One Gel" focused on Oil.
All-in-One Gel just not enoguh by using only 1 product
All-in-One Gel
Original formulation
The rich moisturizing power of oils The rich moisturizing power of oils

The special oil that dissolves in both water and oil draws in ingredients that are hard to penetrate and ensures that they are delivered to every corner of the skin, filling it with deep moisture. It also moisturizes dry skin. The efficacy tests conducted by our company have proven an extremely strong moisturizing effect.

Conventional All-in-One Gel claim to give moisture, nourishment and protection to the skin in a single step. This is a popular item as time saving skin care product. However, although they claim "all-in-one", all-in-one gel alone is just not for some people, they tend to use a serum or creams with all-in-one gel.

However, "Advanced All-in-One Gel" is a highly satisfying all-in-one gel with beauty oil in addition to time saving concept. When the fresh gel is applied to the skin, oil flows out of the gel and envelops the skin.

A single bottle of this product is the ultimate in traditional lotion, emulsions, serums, creams and face mask as well as oil wrapping effect! The rich oil-wrapping effect improves the skin's natural moisture content over time.

If you have never had enough of All-in-One Gel, this is the ideal solution for you.