Needs Refrigeration! Texture change SHERBET GEL

SHERBET GEL that brings possesses real sherbet-like texture and melts on your skin!

New sensation Sherbet Gel
Just like real sherbet
Melts by body temperature
Gel that's frozen into sherbet texture, amazing texture change when it melts on your skin. Icy texture that cools & tightens your skin - an unique & original item from our OEM.
Sherbet-Like texture, cannot be reporudced with oridinary gel.
Ordinary Gel texture cosmetics
To conclude,
Our SHERBET GEL helps you claim the following by bringing you "Cool Sensation" & "Unique Texture"
日焼け後のクールダウン Cooling appearance & sensation that cools down & care for your sun burnt skin.
むくみ脚マッサージ Visible texture change brings you enjoyable body massage.
毛穴が気になる肌のひきしめに Cooling Sherbet Gel that tightens your pores and smoothens your skin.

Cooling Beauty Item with high attention - SHERBET GEL

Cooling Beauty Item with high attention - SHERBET GEL

Recent year, beauty salon has been incorporating "Cooling Beauty Therapy" into their courses and has been receiving high attention from the media. Any attempt to freeze the skin will cause the skin to boost up it's self-healing effect by increasing it's metabolism & blood flow to restore it's original temperature. Cells become more active and the creation of collagen is increased, as the result, problems like skin dryness / dry pore / acnes will be improved.

On top, common cooling method like massage with ice and face-washing with freezing water only causes irritation, and does not blend well to the skin. To solve that problem, Cosmetec Japan has fully utilized our knowledge and experience and finally created the "SHERBET GEL" that suits all cooling beauty therapy & personal care session.

Conventional gel are either hard to be frozen or melts right away, however our SHERBET GEL turns into sherbet-like texture upon freezing, and melts slowly on your skin by body temperature. Formulated with perfect balance of moisturizing ingredients and perfectly controlled the freezing point of the gel - Texture that's only achievable withour OEM manufacturing skill.

Sherbet Gel's unique cooling sensation & texture allows this product to be used as Skincare / Bodycare & other use that you can think of. An unique formula that cannot be found elsewhere.