Texture changes! Evolutionary Jelly Lotion
New sansational lotion which changed from jelly to water!
Jelly Texture,
Stretchs on your skin anyway you want Jelly Texture,
Stretchs on your skin anyway you want

When applied to the skin, the jelly bursts open and transforms into lotion. The beauty ingredients are packed into the jelly, and you put it on your skin and spread it out, the jelly pops up to give you a fresh feeling and allows the beauty ingredients to quickly penetrate. The jelly ingredient also creates a pack-like moisture barrier on your skin, so it helps to lock in the beauty ingredients! It is highly recommended for those who like a unique lotion.

Can be used in a variety of ways other than lotion!

All-in-One Gel
All-in-One Gel We recommend it as an all-in-one gel for men. It gives rich moisture, however, there is no sticky residue or film.
Essence Since the texture is watery and it has a smooth penetration, it is suitable for pre-essence and serum for oily skin.
Body Care
Body Care The cool, refreshing feel of this product is perfect for summer body care and firming. Its gel-like consistency makes it easy to apply on your body, and it spread like lotion, it is easy to care widely.